Movie Beat – 04.12.13

04.12.13 - 4242 – Jackie Robinson was the first to cross the color barrier in baseball and boy did he take an awful lot of hell for it. The other man who laid it all on the line to make this statement was the manager that signed him, Branch Rickey. The Brooklyn Dodgers started Robinson at first base in 1947 and quickly became the center of attention. Chadwick Boseman plays Robinson and Harrison Ford gives an actual performance as Rickey. Co-starring Christopher Meloni, Jon Bernthal, and Nicole Behaire. Brian Helgeland writes and directs this biopic just in time to get everyone excited about baseball. Out in wide release from Warner Brothers.

04.12.13 - American Meat

American Meat – With all this hubbub in the news lately about horsemeat in fast food burgers, GMOs, and ‘meat-adjacent’ ingredients in Taco Bell burritos it seems like a ripe time for a documentary about where our meat comes from. The secondary option to big business meat is organic and local farmers. This also presents a variety of problems: Maybe organic isn’t cost-effective, maybe big business meat has weakened our immune system, maybe organic is too hands on, maybe big business is too distant. This doc argues for organic, so go and check it out and figure it out for yourself. Directed by Graham Meriwether and out in very limited release. Screenings can be found here.

04.12.13 - The Angel's Share

The Angels’ Share – When aging whiskey or wine in oak barrels, a small amount of the beverage evaporates, and that is called ‘The Angels’ Share’. It looks like Robbie (Paul Brannigan) is going to learning about this and a whole lot more when it comes to spirits, because the kid has a real nose for the matters. Which is great, because he has a rough past and a something to keep him occupied and busy is exactly what he needs. Directed by Ken Loach, a man who specializes in the working class, and written by Paul Lavetry. A limited theatrical run and VOD from IFC Films.

04.12.13 - AntiviralAntiviral – How much do you love celebrities? I mean, how much? Would you pay to have the same disease they did? Would you pay to have the disease that was taken from them and injected in to you? What would that accomplish? Could you get any closer to the people you worship if you could share something so intimate. If people would willingly pay for this service, then you can bet that it would exist. Starring Caleb Jones, Malcolm McDowell, Lisa Berry, Sarah Gadon, and Nicholas Campbell. Written and directed by Brandon Cronenberg and out in a limited theatrical release and VOD from IFC Films.

04.12.13 - Disconnect

Disconnect – Now that we have addressed the celebrity issue, it would only make sense to delve into the world of online communication. Internet and satellite technology brought more information and a wider world to our fingertips in a ways that no one could have possibly imagined. I would even argue that the charge leveled on the 21st Century is to grapple with and reconcile how we treat and deal with this information. I doubt that Disconnect is going to manage this, but it does give a nice thrill ride. Performances from Jason Bateman, Hope Davis, Michael Nyqvst, and Frank Grillo. Directed by Henry Alex Rubin and out in limited release from LD Entertainment.

04.12.13 - Into the White

Into the White – It’s WWII and two planes have been shot down in a desolate wasteland. One plane is British, the other German, and by happenstance all survivors seek shelter in the same cabin. Naturally, the Germans take the Brits prisoner, but the situation requires them to work together or they will all freeze to death. If you are a fan of the films of Powell and Pressburger, you will probably recognize a lot of it, and maybe even enjoy yourself. Starring Florian Lukas, David Kross, Stig Henrik Hoff, and Rupert Grint. Written by Ole Meldgaard, Dave Mango, Petter Naess with Naess directing. Out in limited release from Magnolia Pictures.

04.12.13 - It's a Disaster

It’s a Disaster – A couples brunch sounds like the end of the world to me, not in the literal sense that this movie gives us, but just in general. Especially this group of narcissistic, involved, and disgusting individuals. Could be so over the top and ridiculous that it might be fun, or it might be as trying as attending one of these brunches. Julia Stiles, David Cross, America Ferrera, Erinn Hayes, Jeff Grace, Rachel Boston, you can make up your mind if this is who you want to spend your last few hours with. Written and directed by Todd Berger and out in limited release from Oscilloscope Laboratories.

04.12.13 - Paris-Manhattan

Paris-Manhattan – A very beautiful woman who just can’t keep a relationship together. She is elitist, egotistical, and loves Woody Allen movies. Sounds like she belongs in one. Enter the man who will no doubt reveal her to a whole new world, and become the most important thing in her life. But, he hasn’t seen a single Woody Allen movie! He helps her see what is right in front of her, and all the things that she was not ready to reveal to herself. Alice Taglioni is the girl, Patrick Bruel is the guy, and Woody Allen is the muse in this one from writer/director Sophie Lellouche. Out in limited release from Palace Films.

04.12.13 - Scary Movie V

Scary Movie V – Have we hit bottom yet? If we haven’t, this movie might help us find it. We have so many horror movies coming out each week that it can support two horror movie parodies within a two month span. Another installment of parodies from the Scary Movie franchise, this time pulling primarily from Evil Dead (this movie just came out), Paranormal Activity, Mama, and a slew of other movies and pop culture icons from the past five months, garnering the most attention are Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. Directed by Malcolm D. Lee and out in wide release from The Weinstein Company.

04.12.13 - To the Wonder

To The Wonder – Terrence Malick second film in the past two years, a change of pace for the reclusive director. He returns with his sweeping camera, lyrical poetry, and awe of the world around him. It is difficult to say what a Malick film is about after you see it, so trying to take a stab at what it is here, is downright futile. It involves people in love and what that means and how that works out for us. It does star Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Olga Kurylenko, and Javier Bardem. Even when Malick misses his mark, he manages to intrigue. A unique voice in a world of endless noise. Out in limited release from Magnolia Pictures. My review here.