Movie Beat – 05.17.13

05.17.13 - 33 Postcards33 Postcards – Mei Mei (Zhu Lin) is a Chinese orphan with a sponsor down in Australia, Dean Randall (Guy Pearce). They write back and forth for ten years, and Mei Mei grows up dreaming of Dean’s perfect life, his perfect family, and the perfect skyline of Sydney. Her choir travels to Australia for the Australian Choir Festival, and Mei Mei uses this trip to visit her beloved pen pal. When she meets Dean, things aren’t quite so hunky-dory as he is a convict with a very shady past. Mei Mei still sees some family as a hell of a lot better than no family at all, and tries to strengthen the bond between them. Claudia Karvan, Elaine Jin, Rhys Muldoon, and Lincoln Lewis co-star. Pauline Chan, Philip Dalkin, Martin Edmond wrote the script and Chan directed it. Out in limited release from Gravitas Ventures.


05.17.13 - Augustine

Augustine – Augustine (Soko) was nineteen when she suffered a very strange and debilitating stroke that left her paralyzed on the right side. She is sent to Paris in hopes of being cured by Doctor Charcot (Vincent Lindon) of Pitié-Salpêtriere, an all female psychiatric hospital treating women of hysteria. Soko has a very special form of seizures, ones that bring her sexual pleasure and ecstasy. Charcot is delighted to have such a specimen, and learns to hypnotize her in front of other psychiatrists so that he can demonstrate for them her personal brand of hysteria. Augustine wants to be cured, and Charcot wants recognition, and thus, a problem. Don’t forget, sexuality is present and that undoes just about anything. Co-starring Chiara Mastroianni, Olivier Rabourdin, and Gregoire Colin. Written and directed by Alice Winocour and in limited release from Music Box Films.


05.17.13 - Black Rock

Black Rock – Three girlfriends need a break from their lives, so they decide to take a boat out to Black Rock, a small island that they used to visit as children. Thinking that they are seeking solitude, they run into three male hunters and invite them to join a little drinking and some fun. Things get out of hand, and the men turn out to be not so savory, go figure. They tie the women up and are ready to kill, when the women manage to make a successful break for it. It’s a small island and all they need to do is find a way off, but what if they tried something else? What if they tried to hunt the hunters? Kate Bosworth, Lake Bell, and Katie Aselton star as the three ladies that bust free of any conventions possible. Mark Duplass writes and Aselton directs and LD Entertainment releases this into a limited amount of theaters and On Demand.


05.17.13 - Cape Spin An American Power Struggle

Cape Spin: An American Power Struggle – It is possible for humans to harvest the power of wind. It’s true! Then why is it so damn hard to get all these wind turbines up so that we can start turning all these dollars whipping pass into something tangible? Well, for one case, it’s all about location, location, location! Cape Wind would be America’s largest off shore wind farm, but it’s located smack dab in the middle of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket. That’s some pretty pricey real estate, and the fight on both sides has been long and brutal. Documentarian Robbie Gemmel manages to capture both sides of this hard-fought, and at times, extremely bizarre and absurd battle. Opening this week at the Lincoln Center in New York, and possibly elsewhere, you’ll just have the check back here to see when and where.


05.17.13 - The English Teacher

The English Teacher – Linda (Julianne Moore) is the kind of teacher who resigned herself to a certain lifestyle years ago. She teaches English and spends her nights buried in the same material that she teaches. One night, a student (Michael Angarano) from a few years back shows up and he has written a play that reduces Linda to tears. The play is fast tracked to the stage and the student and teacher are fast tracked to the bed. Of course nothing is easy, and the student has a domineering Father (Greg Kinnear), a taste for his actress (Lily Collins), and enough material for his next play. Also starring Nathan Lane as the drama teacher  and written by Dan Chariton and Stacy Chariton with direction from Craig Zisk. Out in limited release from Cinedigm.


05.17.13 - Erased

Erased – Aaron Eckhart has been erased! If only the people who did that to him knew how much that would piss him off. Ben Logan (Eckhart) is an ex-CIA Black Operative that has been marked for death after they eradicated his very existence on paper. Of course they underestimated the man, and he is going to great lengths to save his skin and his daughter (Liana Liberato) who ends up along for the ride. She is none-too-pleased when she finds out that Daddy possesses a very special set of skills and that throws a big kink into everything. Co-starring the ever beautiful Olga Kurylenko, Kate Linder, and Garick Hagon (who was Biggs in Star Wars!) Written by Arash Amel and directed by Philipp Stölzl. Out in limited theaters and as a digital download from Radius-TWC.


05.17.13 - Frances Ha

Frances Ha – Frances lives in New York City, but lacks an actual residence. She’s a dancer, but not so much. She has a close friend, but again, not what you think. Frances marches to the beat of her own drum and that drummer stop keeping time years ago. Maybe he wasn’t even there to begin with. Twenty-somethings that can’t quite get their act together quickly become thirty-somethings that haven’t a clue as to what is going on anymore. Frances thinks that she is following her dreams, but we all know that she is following a delusion of grandeur. Oh well, at least the journey is a blast! Greta Gerwig plays Frances and she is backed by the likes of Adam Driver, Grace Gummer, Mickey Sumner, Michael Zegen, and Patrick Heusinger. Written by Gerwig and Noah Baumbach with Baumbach directing. In limited release from IFC Films.


05.17.13 - Pieta

Pieta – It won the Golden Lion at the 2012 Venice Film Festival and it’s from acclaimed Korean director, Kim Ki-Duk. The story is about a loan shark who lives a lonely and tortured life, but is very, very good at what he does. I suppose that lacking any pity or remorse are the two best traits a loan shark enforcer could have. How he finds ways to get people to pay are brutal, to say the least. The twist comes when a strange lady shows up and claims that she is his long-lost mother. Like any good film noir, it’s not just that the past haunts you, it’s that the past destroys you. A long-lost anything showing up is certain to bring doom along with it. Jeong-jin Lee plays the enforcer, Min-soo Jo is the Mother and Kim writes and directs. Out in limited release and VOD from Drafthouse Films.


05.17.13 - Populaire

Populaire – Normandy, France, 1958: Rose (Déborah François) finds an ad for an open position as a secretary. She applies and gets the job, but she turns out to be a disaster. Her boss, Louis (Romain Duris) does notice that she has one trait that might be of use, she is an excellent speed typist. Louis devises a plan for her to enter and win a national speed-typing contest with him as her coach. Rose takes on the challenge, and Louis takes on the role of the trainer with a touch of personal gusto that confuses the two of them. Rose is indeed an excellent speed-typist and the two of them are going places! Also staring Bérénice Bejo, Shaun Benson, and Mélanie Bernier. Written by Régis Roinsard and Daniel Presley with Roinsard directing as well. Out in limited theaters from The Weinstein Company.


05.17.13 - Star Trek Into DarknessStar Trek Into Darkness – Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov, Uhura, they’re all back! The Enterprise is called back home when an unstoppable force tears Starfleet apart. Kirk has a personal vendetta to settle and his quest for revenge takes the crew of the Enterprise to a planet in search of a one-man weapon of mass destruction. J.J. Abrams returns as director, Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof, and Roberto Orci return as the writers, and the much-loved Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, Jon Cho, Anton Yelchin, and Zoe Saldana team back up to fight the villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Out in wide release from Paramount Pictures.