Movie Beat – 07.05.13

07.05.13 - AbsenceAbsence – Liz (Erin Way) is near full-term when she suddenly looses the baby. Actually looses it, disappears, good-bye, nice knowing you. That’s fairly strange and the doctors have no medical explanation for it. Liz’s brother, Evan (Ryan Smale) is a film student and wants to get her side of the story on camera, and maybe get to the bottom of the mystery. Evan and husband Rick (Eric Matheny) decide to get Liz a little rest and relaxation by taking her up into the woods. Things go all right for a while, then as you can imagine, all hell breaks loose. Stephanie Scholz, Tamra Meskimen, and David Paladino co-star and Jimmy Loweree directs this horror movie with a first-person perspective and Cinedigm gives this a limited release.


07.05.13 - Hammer of the Gods

Hammer of the Gods – If you are looking for your Game of Thrones fix, then here is the movie for you. The Vikings of Briton are a bloodthirsty bunch, and it seems like the only way they know to express them feelings is through brutal violence. A young Viking (Charlie Bewley) is sent on a quest to find his brother. The man who sends him on this quest: his Father, the land he must traverse: enemy territory. If it weren’t difficult, it wouldn’t be much of a quest. Maybe Daddy sent him out to find his long-lost brother, or maybe he sent him out to see if he could come back. Get ready for lots and lots of blood, gurgling and burbling up these poor sap’s throats. Matthew Read wrote it, Farren Blackburn directed it, and Magnolia Pictures released it into limited theaters and On Demand.


07.05.13 - Just Like a Woman

Just Like a Woman – They’re not exactly women on the run, but they are women in need of a fresh start. Marilyn (Sienna Miller) just got fired from her job and her husband is cheating on her. The only thing she has going for her, is her love of belly dancing. Mona (Golshifteh Farahani) runs her in-laws’ family market, is married to a wet blanket of a husband, and has inadvertently killed her mother-in-law when she gave her the wrong medication dosage. Mona goes on the run and happens to cross paths with Marilyn, who convinces her to take up dancing in clubs with her. The two women try to define a world where they are no longer supporting players, and I hope they succeed. Directed by Rachid Bouchareb and out in limited release from Cohen Media Group.


07.03.13 - Kevin Hart Let Me Explain

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain – One part stand-up routine, one part cinéma vérité, one part re-enactment, all parts Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart’s 2012 comedy tour “Let Me Explain” traveled to ten countries, eighty cities, and generated $32 million in ticket sales. Not bad for a guy who simply stands on stage and just tells jokes. This performance pieces draws mainly from his show at Madison Square Garden, but incorporates footage, skits, and day-in-a-life snatches from the road. Directed by Leslie Small and Tim Story and out in limited release from Summit Entertainment.


07.05.13 - The Look of Love

The Look of Love – Paul Raymond (Steve Coogan) has the Midas Touch. Everything he touches, or almost everything, turns to gold, and he becomes Britain’s richest man. Of course, as the story goes, turning everything to gold does have it’s drawbacks. Raymond’s closest relationship is  with Debbie (Imogen Poots), his daughter, and she loves him dearly, but the life that Raymond leads has cost him everything and everyone, and now it might cost him Debbie as well. Stephen Fry, Anna Friel, Tamsin Egerton, and David Walliams co-star, Matt Greenhalgh writes, and Michael Winterbottom directs. Out in limited release from IFC Films.


07.05.13 - Stuck In Love

Stuck In Love – Bill (Greg Kinnear) has been divorced from his wife (Jennifer Connelly) for over three years, but he just can’t seem to let it go. Even though he does have a younger f-buddy (Kristen Bell) who just wants to see him go out and meet somebody new. Bill has a daughter, Samantha (Lily Collins) who has just published her first novel of her sexual conquests, but just met a diehard romantic (Logan Lerman). Oh, and there is a son (Nat Wolff) who has just fallen in love for the first time. All this and its only 95 minutes! Either our problems are a lot more stereotypical and simple than we make them out to be, or this movie is biting off more than it can chew. Written and directed by Josh Boone and out in limited release from Millennium Entertainment.


07.05.13 - The Way Way Back

The Way, Way Back – Duncan (Liam James) is fourteen-years-old, and is about to have the summer of his life. While hanging out at Water Wizz Water Park, he meets Owen (Sam Rockwell) an overgrown teenager who just loves to mentor the helpless causes and show them the ropes. Owen doesn’t just show Duncan the proper way to check out a girl’s derrière, he also helps him with flirting, Mom’s new boyfriend, and just getting along with people. Naturally, this is going to be one of those watershed moments for Duncan. Excuse the bad pun. Also starring Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Allison Janney, and Zoe Levin. Written and directed by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, who won an Oscar for co-writing The Descendants with Alexander Payne, out in limited release from Fox Searchlight Pictures.