Movie Beat – 02.14.14

02.14.14 - About Last NightAbout Last Night – Two guys (Kevin Hart & Michael Ealy) and two gals (Regina Hall & Joy Bryant) are living in Los Angeles and trying to find love and companionship. The guys are best friends, the gals are roommates, and their lives will become inseparably tangled when they start dating. First Bernie and Joan start dating, then Danny and Debbie hook-up. Then Debbie and Danny break it off, so that means Bernie and Joan need to spend sometime apart as well. Love sure can be complicated. Written by Leslye Headland based on the play “Sexual Perversity in Chicago” by David Mamet and directed by Steve Pink. Out in wide release from Sony Pictures.

02.14.14 - Adult WorldAdult World – Okay kiddos, do your best, work hard in school, get that degree, and you’ll have the world by the balls! But, make sure you get the proper degree, one in poetry isn’t going to get you very far. It got Amy (Emma Roberts) a job at an adult bookstore, hot dog! In between shifts of cleaning the booths and stocking the videos, she stalks her favorite poet, Rat (John Cusack), submits her poetry everywhere she can, and tries to make a passable attempt at a life. Hang in there kitty! Co-starring Evan Peters, Armando Riesco, Shannon Woodward and Reed Birney. Written by Andy Cochran and directed by Scott Coffey. Out in limited release from IFC Films.

02.14.14 - Endless LoveEndless Love – Gabriella Wilde is a girl of privilege living a life of luxury when she meets Alex Pettyfer, a boy from the wrong side of the tracks, so called. They fall for each other, but Daddy Bruce Greenwood suspects that the boy comes with a certain amount of baggage. He’s right of course, but I’m sure that their love will concur all. That’s how it goes in the movies, or at least, these kinds of movies. Co-starring Robert Patrick, Rhys Wakefield and Dayo Okeniyi. Written by Shana Feste and Joshua Safran with Feste directing as well. Out in wide release from Universal Pictures.


02.14.14 - Girl on a Bicycle

Girl on a Bicycle – Paolo (Vincenzo Amato) is Italian and married to Greta (Nora Tschirner) the German. Greta is having an affair with François (Stéphane Debac) the French while her husband is falling in love with another Frenchie, Cécile (Louise Monot) who herself is dating a Brit, Derek (Paddy Considine). I wonder if Greece and Spain are feeling left out? Paris is the city of love, so it only makes sense that their lives would be so tangled here. You know it’s a French Film because everyone is cheating on everyone else, and it’s a light-hearted comedy. Written and directed by Jeremy Leven and out in limited release from Monterey Media.

02.14.14 - Jimmy PJimmy P. – Based on a true bond between two men, Jimmy (Benicio Del Toro) is a Blackfoot Indian that was severely injured during WWII. The military doctors don’t know what to make of his headaches, visions, and dreams and they label him schizophrenic. Dr. Devereux, a French anthropologist and Indian specialist is called in (Mathieu Amalric) and he strikes up a friendship and mutual appreciation with Jimmy. As a Native American, Jimmy is not receiving the top care available to him, and Devereux has to go to bat for him. Co-starring Gina McKee, Larry Pine, Joseph Cross and Jennifer Podemski. Written by Arnaud Desplechin, Kent Jones and Julie Peyr with Desplechin directing as well. Out in limited release from IFC Films.

02.14.14 - Lucky BastardLucky Bastard – Lucky Bastard is a porno website run by Mike (Don McManus) that is offering a special deal to their most devoted fan, one night with a porn star (Betsy Rue). Shy Dave (Jay Paulson) wins the contest and is taken to a house that is rigged with Go-Pro cameras all over the place, taking the porn experience to the Big Brother level. Dave begins to suspect that he is the less the winner of a contest and more the butt of a joke and does not take it well. What started like a steamy Penthouse letter has now become a horror story as Dave turns the table on the cast and crew and tortures them. Found Footage movies just keep on trucking along! Written by Lukas Kendall and Robert Nathan with Nathan directing as well. In limited release from Cavu Pictures.


02.14.14 - The New Black

The New Black – Easily one of the biggest political discussions of this new century involves Gay Rights and Same-Sex Marriage. The New Black, the new fight for civil equality. This documentary focuses not just on the battle to approve Same-Sex Marriage, but it confines itself to the black community. Think it’s hard being gay, being gay AND black, that is one hell of a road to hoe. Just ask Lee Daniels. A crisis and conflict of the now, made even timelier by Michael Sam’s announcement and intention to be the first gay NFL player. Directed by Yoruba Richen and in limited release, information on screenings can be found here.


02.14.14 - The Returned

The Returned – Somewhere between human and zombie exists The Returned. Normal human beings, but only if they take a Return Protein that keeps a deadly virus at bay. If they miss just once injection of the Return Protein, then it’s lights out, zombie time. Seems like a risky proposition to me. What happens when the world runs out of Return Protein? Starring Kristen Holden-Reid, Emily Hampshire, Shawn Doyle, Claudia Bassols, Kris Holdenried and Paulino Nunes. Directed by Manuel Carballo and in limited release from levelFILM.


02.14.14 - RoboCop

RoboCop – The year is 2028 and OmniCorp has a product they want to put on the streets of Detroit, a robotic solider that keeps the peace. Naturally, Americans are weary, so OmniCorp comes up with a happy medium, half-human half-robot. Now they just need to find the sap to join the suit. Made first in 1987, RoboCop was a satire on corporate America and how they put profits and quarterly figures ahead of public opinion and safety. Now we have a movie that puts profits and quarterly figures ahead of taste and entertainment. Starring Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Abbie Cornish and Michael Keaton. Written by David Self and directed by José Padilha. Out in wide release from Sony Pictures.


02.14.14 - Winter's Tale

Winter’s Tale – Peter Lake (Colin Farrell) is a thief looking to snatch something pricey, but when he stumbles in on Jessica Brown Findlay’s apartment, he figures on snatching something else. They fall in love, but she is dying and not slowly. Meanwhile, Russell Crowe hunts Peter across heaven and hell, claiming that the man is neither angel nor demon that must be stopped. Then something happens where Peter is transported a hundred years in the future to modern-day New York and Jennifer Connelly helps him discover what happened to his love. What in the world is going on with this movie? Written and directed by Akiva Goldsman and in wide release from Warner Brothers.