Born On This Day – March 31, 1932

“I forget who said that films are desires visualized, but for me, at least, film is the visualization of the director’s desire. But the director’s desire doesn’t appear in the film directly. It appears in all kinds of convoluted forms. My fear that my desire will appear in my films has always caused me to be extremely wary of making films, hasn’t it? Haven’t I made films to hide my desires instead? Trying to hide them made them appear even more vividly.” –Nagisa Ôshima Continue reading Born On This Day – March 31, 1932

Born On This Day – March 29, 1961

“I don’t particularly like the idea that there’s an arc to the story and that therefore in this scene you have to convey this bit of information or emotion. I like more the feeling that, of course, there is a shape to the story, but that each scene should feel right, should be true at that moment, and that gradually you accumulate these moments of truth until you get enough of them together that it becomes a story that’s interesting.” –Michael Winterbottom Continue reading Born On This Day – March 29, 1961

Movie Beat – 03.28.14

5 Hour Friends – Timothy (Tom Sizemore) loves to golf. If he could, he would spend every waking moment of every day golfing. But life is not that simple, so Timothy has to do other things, such as work (occasionally), deal with his ex-wife (only when necessary), send money to his son (when he has any), drink (all the time) and pick up women to keep him company. Life is one big juggling act for Timothy, and he has mastered the trick. Kimberlin Brown, Musetta Vander, Dan Hewitt Owens and Leilani Sarelle co-star in this low-budget look at a man … Continue reading Movie Beat – 03.28.14

Born On This Day – March 24, 1945

“For me, all good stories are about awareness. Self-awareness and lack of it, of how you get there and how you might fail to get there. Even Don Siegel’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers is about that to a degree. People discover who they are and what they’re all about by meeting their doppelgängers. I have deliberately tried to mix it up in my movies, because I enjoy visiting different worlds. However, thematically, I find that things keep coming up. Self-examination to begin with. You know, who am I, how did I get here and how do I become a better … Continue reading Born On This Day – March 24, 1945

Born On This Day – March 23, 1942

“If I were to explain things myself and offer an interpretation then this would automatically reduce the spectator’s ability to find their own answers. My films are offerings, I invite the audience to deal with them, think about them and reflect upon them and, ultimately, to find their own answers. I also think that an author doesn’t always necessarily know what he intends and what the meaning is behind his work. For example, I am always amazed by the many theses and books I read about myself, all of which reveal what I supposedly wanted to express in my films … Continue reading Born On This Day – March 23, 1942

Born On This Day – March 23, 1910

“A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet.” “My way of creating, my style if you want to call it that, is something I was born with: it comes naturally. For that reason, it’s not something I’m overly aware of while I’m doing it. I don’t force any picture of mine to be a Kurosawa film. I just tell the actors to be honest with themselves and true to their feelings, not to think about unnecessary things, and to let their actions flow naturally. This is my philosophy of film … Continue reading Born On This Day – March 23, 1910

Movie Beat – 03.21.14

A Birder’s Guide to Everything – To be a birder, all you need is a good eye, an excited mind and a motley crew of companions to keep things interesting when the birds decided to stay on the mysterious side. Not the typical hobby of a fifteen-year-old, but David Portnoy (Kodi Smit-McPhee) is far from typical. That’s how he stumbled upon a very rare, thought to be extinct duck. He will need a clear photo, and that will require the help of his friends, a girl he just met and a mentor. This duck might just help David come-of-age. Co-starring … Continue reading Movie Beat – 03.21.14

Born On This Day – March 20, 1957

“Tell the story. That’s always the goal with the films I do. That’s what I tell my students at NYU… Tell the story you’re trying to tell, and try to tell interesting stories in interesting new ways. If you want to be a great director, you have to be a great storyteller. It’s not just about angles and stuff. You need both… it’s a delicate balance.” –Spike Lee Continue reading Born On This Day – March 20, 1957