Movie Beat – 03.28.14

03.28.14 - 5 Hour Friends5 Hour Friends – Timothy (Tom Sizemore) loves to golf. If he could, he would spend every waking moment of every day golfing. But life is not that simple, so Timothy has to do other things, such as work (occasionally), deal with his ex-wife (only when necessary), send money to his son (when he has any), drink (all the time) and pick up women to keep him company. Life is one big juggling act for Timothy, and he has mastered the trick. Kimberlin Brown, Musetta Vander, Dan Hewitt Owens and Leilani Sarelle co-star in this low-budget look at a man who happily slips into his vices. Written by Ron Jackson and directed by Theo Davies. Out in limited release from 905 Productions.


03.28.14 - BlumenthalBlumenthal – Celebrated playwright and balloon of hot air, Harold Blumenthal (Brian Cox) passed away from a cardiac arrest while watching his own play and laughing at his own joke. To borrow a line from Woody Allen, “Narcissus would not be the Greek deity in which Harold Blumenthal identified with. It would have been Zeus.” The hole Harold created in his departure will rupture several lives in his orbit, all of them equally narcissistic and vapid as our dearly departed Harold was. With friends like these… Co-starring Mei Melançon, Bill Sage, Laila Robins and Fred Melamed. Written and directed by Seth Fisher and in limited release from Gone Fishing Pictures.


03.28.14 - Breathe InBreathe In – Keith (Guy Pearce), Megan (Amy Ryan) and Lauren (Mackenzie Davis) are a happy family living in upstate New York. Their life is routine, ordinary and just like every other happy family. They decide to break that routine and invite a foreign exchange student to come live with them. Who ends up coming is the beautiful and sexy Sophie (Felicity Jones) and things are going to get sticky. You’ve seen this one before, but writer/director Drake Doremus brings a very touching an atmospheric tone to a familiar story. Out in limited release from Cohen Media Group.


03.28.14 - Cesar ChavezCesar Chavez – The story of Cesar Chavez (Michael Peña) is the story of non-violence and human rights. Chavez was a field worker until he decided to stand up and demand his rights and the rights for all the members of the American labor movement. With the help of Dolores Huerta (Michelle Rodriquez), he accomplished great things, but life for the striker is never easy, and his home life with wife Helen (America Ferrera) was thrown into disarray. John Malkovich, Wes Bentley, Michael Cudlitz and Jacob Vargas also star in the biopic written by Keir Pearson and Timothy J. Sexton and directed by Diego Luna. Out in limited release from Lionsgate.


03.28.14 - Hide Your Smiling FacesHide Your Smiling Faces – Eric (Nathan Varnson) is fourteen and Tommy (Ryan Jones) is nine, brothers whittling away the days of a particularly hot and muggy summer, the summer where everything changed. They come across the body of Ian, a young boy who has fallen to his death from a bridge. Did Ian jump? Did he fall? Was there motive behind it? Questions that can never be answered stir up thoughts of mortality in both the boys. They deal with it like all children do, by not understanding and acting out in accord. This moody and atmospheric look at rural American adolescent life was written and directed by first-time Daniel Patrick Carbone and co-stars Colm O’Leary, Thomas Cruz, Christina Starbuck and Chris Kies. Out in limited release from Tribeca Films.


03.28.14 - Mistaken for StrangersMistaken For Strangers – Matt Berninger is tall, handsome, talented, artistic and successful. As the front man for The National, he is the Indie Rock Prince of America. Matt has a younger brother, Tom, who is slovenly, unemployed, rude, crass and lives with his mother. It’s a good thing they don’t let you pick your family because none of us would end up with whom we have. But, that’s not how it works, and Matt (like any good brother) lends a hand to Tom. He hires him to be a roadie for The National’s next tour, a job Tom leaps at, but fails to ever fulfill. What Tom does do is record intimate moments of his relationship with Matt and tour life. That makes for one compelling documentary about a compelling band and a complicated relationship. Directed by Tom and out in limited release from Abramorama Entertainment.


03.28.14 - NoahNoah – It comes with the disclaimer that this is an artistic work, but then again, all movies are. However, not every movie comes with the blessing from the Vatican. Writer/director Darren Aronofsky has had most of his success with smaller independent productions, but the story of Noah and the Great Flood is far from small. Russell Crowe plays the Biblical hero with Jennifer Connelly as his wife, Emma Watson and Logan Lerman are the children, Anthony Hopkins shows up as old man Methuselah and Ray Winstone plays the descendent of murderous Cain. The story is as old as time (literally) and considering the recent wave of financially successful Christian-themed movies and TV Shows, we are about due for a classic Hollywood studio epic. But if it doesn’t work for you, don’t worry, The Ten Commandments will be on TV in a couple of weeks. Out in wide release from Paramount Pictures.


03.28.14 - The Raid 2The Raid 2 – After a stunning display of martial arts prowess and physical fortitude, rookie Jakarta cop Rama (Iko Uwais) made his way safely back to his family, his job and his life. Now, he’s got to go back in. One undercover cop against the entire underworld. Remember those old westerns where the cowboy in the tall white hat rode into town and vowed to clean it up? Rama is doing that for real. Co-starring Yahan Ruhian, Arifin Putra, Oka Antara, Tio Pakusadewo and Alex Abbad. Written and directed by Gareth Evans and in a limited American release from Sony Pictures Classics.


03.28.14 - RefugeRefuge – Amy (Krysten Ritter) had very different plans for her life. She received a scholarship for college, went off to make something of herself and then life derailed those plans. Her parents took a vacation to Florida and never came back. That left Amy the responsibility of taking care of her two younger siblings (Logan Huffman & Madeleine Martin) and putting all her other plans of hold. Years passed and then Sam (Brian Geraghty) entered the picture. Sam and Amy fall for each other, but what does that mean for their futures, their responsibilities and their presents? Written and directed by Jessica Goldberg and out in limited release from Strand Releasing.


03.28.14 - SabotageSabotage – The Former Governor of California is back in action as a DEA Task force leader with his pinnacle bust coming at the cost of a few $100 million dollars to a ruthless drug cartel. The celebration last a little bit, but then some of the money goes missing and then the members of the team start turning up dead. The only person who could engineer such a plan would have to be within the group, so start the witch-hunt. Sam Worthington, Terrence Howard, Josh Holloway, Joe Manganiello, Dawn Olivieri, Olivia Williams and Malin Akerman star alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. Directed by David Ayer and written by Skip Woods. Out in wide release from Open Road Films.