Joel is your typical thirty-something guy: good-looking, well-paying corporate job, nice apartment, vaguely Jewish… but lacking in the inspiration and motivation department. He’s the perfect fixer-upper. Molly is a klutzy girl with a heart of gold. She lives in a colorful apartment, runs a non-for-profit candy store and has a black friend. She’s perpetually single, but she isn’t giving up on finding true love. Then one Halloween party, Joel and Molly met, and boy-oh-boy did they hate each other at first, but then they realized they both had an affinity for fiction books and they fell madly in love. Oh … Continue reading THEY CAME TOGETHER


Without a doubt, you have seen the work of Ralph Steadman before. His work has graced the cover of Rolling Stone (multiple times); he illustrated the books of Hunter S. Thompson, did the poster art for the British movie Withnail & I and even designed the labels for Colorado Microbrew, Flying Dog. His paintings are as distinct as they come and if Steadman suddenly chose to stop signing them, no one would be confused as to whose they were, but the world would be robbed of one fantastic signature. Steadman is most know for the illustrations for Thompson’s Fear & … Continue reading FOR NO GOOD REASON

Born On This Day – August 29, 1939

“Today, movies are as visual as they’ve ever been, but they don’t make any sense! They’ve got no heart, very little story. The dialogue is very often a little bit above a grunt… now, for the most part, people just stare at the screen for two hours and it’s like opium for the eyes and you’re not moved at all… it’s an escape from reality.” –William Friedkin Continue reading Born On This Day – August 29, 1939

Born On This Day – August 28, 1962

“Everything seems really simple on paper until you take a camera out of the box. Then ninety people are offering up solutions to the problems those pages create. You’re trying to make something very clear in this maelstrom of activity, with all this anxiety about how much money is being spent. I don’t think you can ever make it the way you have it in your head.” –David Fincher Continue reading Born On This Day – August 28, 1962


What is the scariest thing you can think of? Monsters? Vampires? The dead coming back to life? How about this one: you are lying on your bed one night when there is a knock at the door. You get up, open the door and standing before you, knocking at your door, is yourself. Eight friends: Em (Emily Baldoni), Kevin (Maury Sterling), Mike (Nicholas Brendon), Beth (Elizabeth Gracen), Amir (Alex Manugian), Laurie (Lauren Maher), Hugh (Hugo Armstrong) and Lee (Lorene Scafaria) have all gathered at Mike’s house for a very typical dinner party. The night of this dinner party carries cosmic … Continue reading COHERENCE


A lone drifter steals into a stranger’s house to take a bath. When he hears the owners coming home, he exits through window, naked, wild and unkempt. This man’s name is Dwight (Macon Blair) and he is anything but a hardened criminal. However, what he is about to do, only select amounts of people are capable of doing. Dwight has a terrible back story. Dwight’s mother and Father were murdered by Wade years ago—or so Dwight thinks. Wade has been released from prison and Dwight makes up his mind to exact his revenge. This is not a morality tale to … Continue reading BLUE RUIN

Born On This Day – August 24, 1960

“I don’t think about the audience, I don’t think about what makes them happy, because there’s no way for me to know. To try to think of what makes for entertainment is a very Japanese thing. The people who think like this are old-fashioned. They think of the audience as a mass, but in fact every person in the audience is different. So entertainment for everyone doesn’t exist”. –Takashi Miike Continue reading Born On This Day – August 24, 1960