Born On This Day – September 25, 1901

All quotes are taken from Notes on the Cinematographer by Robert Bresson, Green Integer, København: 1997   “Build your film on white, on silence and on stillness.” “The CINEMA did not start from zero. Everything to be called into question.” “The truth is inimitable, the false untransformable.” “Hide the ideas, but so that people find them. The most important will be the most hidden.” “A too-expected image (cliché) will never seem right, even if it is.” “In a mixture of true and false, the true brings out the false, the false hinders belief in the true. An actor simulating fear … Continue reading Born On This Day – September 25, 1901


A naked woman plays in the surf. The rumble of planes overhead shock her and she runs back to the shore to dress. A man spots her, he approaches and tells her he has been following her and watching her for two weeks. She starts to resist, but there is something about this man, something alluring. Against her better judgment, she allows herself to become sucked into his world. So begins 1958’s The Last Day of Summer (Ostatni Dzień Lata) from Polish director, Tadeusz Konwicki. A brief, but languid film with the aesthetic of an “art film”: black and white … Continue reading THE LAST DAY OF SUMMER

Born On This Day – September 24, 1957

“I think all movies are an illusion, whether they are live action or animation. And I think the best special effect that people don’t pay enough attention to is caring about the characters who are going through the set pieces. If you can be invested in the characters that you are putting in danger, then you can amp up the pressure, and it really means something because people are rooting for them to survive. Characters are the special effect.” –Brad Bird Continue reading Born On This Day – September 24, 1957

Born On This Day – September 23, 1974

“There was this debate between Mark Danner and Peter Sellars in Telluride, and Mark was totally pessimistic and Peter was optimistic. And I said, to make this film you have to be both. You have to be pessimistic because the point of art, for me, isn’t to comfort people and to reassure them. Otherwise I’d take a walk! Go do something better than sitting in a cinema. Go talk to someone you love. The point of art is to unsettle people. And therefore there has to be pessimism or you’re not, for me, making art. But why do I make … Continue reading Born On This Day – September 23, 1974