“Manners maketh the man,” Harry Hart (Colin Firth) calmly informs a group of ruffians as he latches the pub door closed. Few actors can embody that line quite like Firth — an actor who built his entire career around a classic attitude of a respectful demeanor and impeccable style — but what Firth has up his sleeve in Kingsman, is outlandish violence and crude humor. At least he kept the suit. Kingsman: The Secret Service, which opens Friday, Feb. 13, concerns a group impeccably dressed, well-mannered British agents who have been protecting the world from evil and villainy in secret since … Continue reading KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE


Like it or not, the Oscars are big business and the nominations and ceremony is important to the industry. Yes, the selections can sometimes seem arbitrary, rote or political, but what it means to many films and filmmakers can be the difference between being financially solvent and getting lost in the shuffle of good intentions but not good enough entertainment. “Movies” are supposed to make us feel good and keep us entertained; “Nominations” are serious and should educate, enlighten and ennoble. One of the nominated is the incredible and crushing Still Alice, which award or not, deserves attention and eyeballs. … Continue reading STILL ALICE