Since their inception movies have always represented a way to escape reality. Be it the drudgery of the everyday or the horrors of wartime, flickering images in the dark have always imagined a better place, somewhere out there, over the rainbow and straight on ‘til morning. The divisive documentary from Crystal Moselle, The Wolfpack, opening this Friday at the Landmark Chez Artiste, explores this phenomenon in a very literal sense. The six Angulo Brothers have been imprisoned in their New York apartment since birth and rarely allowed to leave thanks to their paranoid and totalitarian father. With little else to … Continue reading THE WOLFPACK


Cinema is an expensive art. Cinema costs time, energy and, most notably, money. This is even truer for the independent filmmaker, who lacks studio backing and must search outside the system for contributions. Most of the time, that money is needed to create, sometimes it is needed simply to live. This is what likely forms the background of writer/director Andrew Bujalski’s latest effort, Results. The story is not about filmmakers, but working professionals: a gym owner, Trevor (Guy Pearce), his top trainer, Kat (Cobie Smulders) and her wealthy client, Danny (Kevin Corrigan). Danny has recently inherited millions of dollars — … Continue reading RESULTS


Life is tough. Everyone knows that, but at some point, everyone must learn it. For Anna Sasaki, her twelfth summer is going to be her chance to confront that life lesson and learn to move through it. It is one of those seminal moments in growing up, who better to capture it than that great Japanese Animation house, Studio Ghibli? When Marnie Was There, opening June 5 at the Landmark Mayan Theatre, begins with Anna as a loner schoolgirl in Sapporo, Japan. Anna is an orphan living with foster parents — her biological set died long before she can remember … Continue reading WHEN MARNIE WAS THERE