Finding Gastón is a look at Peruvian master chef, Gastón Acurio, and his mission to bring Peruvian cuisine to the restaurants of Peru—where French cuisine still has a sizeable foothold—and, eventually, the world.

Acurio travels to various locations and learns the local recipes, but more importantly, he learns the stories behind them. Food is much more than substance for the body; it is a story and represents the people that cook these foods. Gaston makes it his mission to identify, disperse and preserve these recipes and stories. Finding Gastón is an excellent doc, but not one you should see on an empty stomach.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Finding Gastón (2014)
Written, produced, and directed by Julia Patricia Perez
Film Movement, Not rated, 80 minutes, Opened March 20, 2014

The above blurb first appeared in the pages of Boulder Weekly Vol. 23, No. 8, “Saludos amigos.”