Based on the true story of an unlikely Olympian, Eddie the Eagle is a paint-by-numbers crowd-pleaser about the British ski jumper, Michael Edwards — better known as Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards. It aims to please and nothing more, much like Edward’s dream to participate in the Olympics, but not compete. Edwards has no interest in a medal, or doing anything beyond simply being an Olympian. His dream was to pass the trials, don the jacket and have his picture taken. This dream, or blind obsession, began at an early age when Edwards manages to holds his breath under water for … Continue reading EDDIE THE EAGLE


Set during the Afghanistan War, A War (Krigen) explores the haze and confusion of combat. Though it is assumed from the beginning, the specificity of the war these soldiers are fighting in isn’t named until the story returns to Danish soil. The idea here is twofold: in war, we can never quite distinguish the good from the bad — the white hats from the black ones. Second, the conflict that transpires isn’t specific to the war in Afghanistan. If war is hell, then it doesn’t matter which war it is. But while the intent is purposeful, the execution isn’t entirely successful, … Continue reading A WAR


“I didn’t intend to bring my 5th grade self along with me on this trip, but clearly she was along for the ride.” [Long pause] “She was always around.” That pause reveals more about the main character’s inner turmoil that a page of dialogue ever could. Only Yesterday is a movie about that turmoil, the turmoil of not just growing up, but of letting go. We may be through with the past but that doesn’t mean the past is through with us. She is Taeko, a 27 year-old living in Tokyo but needing something different. Taeko heads back to the … Continue reading ONLY YESTERDAY