This week in Film — LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT, Movies on Main & KGNU

Two in the paper, one on the radio this week. First, I sing the praises of Long Day’s Journey Into Night, an impressive piece of work from Chinese filmmaker Bi Gan. It’s currently playing on one screen ’round these parts, so if it comes to your neck of the woods, don’t sleep on it.

Second, I spoke with Faye Lamb and Tracy Cravens about Longmont’s recently re-opened New Trojan Movie House & Art Cinema and dug a little bit into the history of theater.

And finally, KGNU’s weekly Friday show, Metro Arts, has invited me to stop by and give some thoughts on movies opening each week. This week I discuss AladdinHagazussa: A Heathen’s Curse, and Long Day’s Journey Into Night. Wanna play a terrible drinking game? Take a shot every time I take a breath; you’ll be sober for days. Hats off to producer and host Veronica Straight-Lingo for making it sound coherent.