This week in Film — Essential Cinema: South Korea and DAGUERREOTYPES

From one of the hottest movies of 2019/20 to one of the sweetest documentaries you’re likely to find. Ah, the majesty of the moving image.

Up first, a new series at Fort Collins’ Lyric Theatre:

Parasite, a black and bleak comedy about the haves, the have-nots and the have-lesses, will go down in cinematic history for a variety of reasons, in addition to being a damn good film, but no award is without context. Parasite’s critical and box office success is both a tip of the hat to the film itself, and to the industry from which it came. And some of the best movies from the 21st century have come from South Korea.

Has Parasite piqued your curiosity? Then Fort Collins’ premier movie house, The Lyric, has the series for you, Essential Cinema: South Korea. Five movies over the next six weeks to get you hooked.

And from the genius of South Korea, to one of France’s greatest cinematic talent: Agnès Varda:

For  50 years, Agnès Varda lived on Paris’ Rue Daguerre, a quiet street of merchants not far from Montparnasse. She saw the men and women (mostly husbands and wives) who ran the shops, cut the hair, baked the bread and carved the meat. What are their stories? Varda wondered, and with her trusty camera, she took to the street, photographed their faces and hands, asked for their tales, and preserved these perfectly ordinary Parisians for future historians, sociologists and archeologists. 

More on The Lyrice’s South Korea series here and Daguerreotypes here. And if you want to catch up with Daguerreotypes, you can stream it through your local library via Kanopy.