This week in Film — BUT I’M A CHEERLEADER and Pride streams

June is Pride Month, and to celebrate accordingly, how about a comedy, a couple of tragedies, and a musical that’s both?

Let’s start with a camp classic that’s gained traction in the past 20 years:

But I’m a Cheerleader is loaded with stereotypes, most of them ripe for subversion. While at True Directions, Megan is given all-pink outfits: pink blouse, pink skirt, pink shoes. All the girls are. The rooms are painted entirely pink, even the props and furniture — each one the same shade of pink. The boys get the same treatment, only blue. Cinematographer Jules Labarthe gives these sets a garish look with flat, artificial lighting, further accentuating the absurdity of the situation.

Toss in some wonderfully cartoonish scenes and RuPaul as a counselor wearing spectacularly short shorts and a “Straight is Great” T-shirt, and you have all the fixings for a commercial flop and a cult classic.

From Boulder Weekly Vol. 27, No. 42Five steps to love yourself.

Stream But I’m a Cheerleader on The Criterion Collection, Hoopla, Vudu, Tubi. Need more? How about Funeral Parade of Roses? Death in Venice? Victim? Cabaret?

If there is any siren more identified as a gay icon than Liza Minnelli, it’s probably her mother, Judy Garland. Though Garland never had a role like Sally Bowles, the Berlin nightclub singer at the Kit Kat Klub having an affair with two men — who are having an affair with each other. It’s delightful and fun, and though today belongs to women like Sally Bowles and Joel Grey’s Master of Ceremonies, tomorrow belongs to the vile. That scene, in particular, is one of the most violent scenes in movie history, and not one drop of blood is spilled. Worse, it somehow never goes out of fashion.

Pride streams.”