This week in Film — IRRESISTIBLE and streaming satires

Just in time for an election year, a new political satire from Jon Stewart On Demand (and in a few theaters across the nation) and a few streaming recommendations that should pair nicely. First up, Irresistible:

Irresistible is a spectacular piece of storytelling, one that is so dedicated to the joke it almost ruins the results. Almost. Brewster has a few tricks up her sleeve, as does Stewart. Zimmer has nothing beyond his ego, his made-to-order values and the ability to find money. That seems to be enough to win an election these days.

Boulder Weekly, Vol. 27, No. 45, “The life that point towards the truth.”

Irresistible will be available for rent starting June 26. Too rich for your blood? Why not give Cold Turkey, Catch-22, or WALL-E a stream? Seen ’em? How about The Death of Stalin?

Multi-hyphenate Armando Iannucci might be the best working satirist today (all seven seasons of Veep are streaming on HBO Max and DirecTV). His take on the transfer of power in the USSR circa 1953 is so loaded with jokes you have to watch it twice to get it all. From backstabbing to assassination, pajamas and concert recordings, it all seems so terribly trivial until it’s all so terribly real. It’s like Mean Girls, only with the fate of millions hanging in the balance. The cast is top-notch, but Jason Isaacs steals the show. Streaming on Netflix and DirecTV.

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