It’s a double shot of Kirsten Johnson on your TV screens. First up, her latest doc, now playing on Netflix, Dick Johnson Is Dead:

Dick Johnson isn’t dead. Not yet, at least. But he will be. We all will, sooner or later. And it’s sooner for Dick if his daughter has anything to say about it.
Born C. Richard Johnson in 1932, Dick was a Seattle psychiatrist and by the looks of his home and office, a successful one at that. His wife, Katie Jo, was a photographer, but she passed away in 2007 after seven years of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. “The long goodbye,” Dick tells a friend.

From Boulder Weekly Vol. 28, No. 7, “The long goodbye.”

That’s dad. For more on mom, see Cameraperson, Johnson’s first feature film, which is playing TCM as part of their Women Make Film series.

Released in 2016 and airing Oct. 7 on TCM — as part of the Women Make Film series — Cameraperson is Johnson’s memoir, a collection of previously unused footage she shot over 25 years as a documentary cinematographer.
“It grew out of a need to contend with this accumulation of footage I had filmed over all of these years,” she says. “It was just a growing need in me that I didn’t understand when I started it.”

Home viewing: Cameraperson