This week in Film — THE CLIMB and STORIES WE TELL

A double dose of interviews this week. First up, writers/actors Michael Angelo Covino and Kyle Marvin on their debut feature, The Climb:

Written by Covino (who also directs and plays Mike in the film) and Kyle Marvin (who plays Kyle), The Climb is a buddy comedy that doesn’t play the way you expect. The movie opens with Mike and Kyle on a bike ride in France, on a steep hill climb, with Mike revealing he’s having an affair with Kyle’s fiancée. Even better, the scene unfolds in one unbroken 10-minute shot — an adaptation of Covino and Marvin’s initial short, also entitled The Climb. That Climb went to the 2018 Sundance Film Festival and netted Covino and Marvin plenty of attention: Attention that presented opportunity.
“If this short film actually had legs to stretch it out into a feature, what would that be?” Marvin recounts. “What would this friendship look like if we kept going?”

Boulder Weekly Vol. 28, No. 13, “With friends like these…

Next, TCM’s Women Make Film series rolls into week 12 with seven films exploring the topics of Reveal, Memory, and Time. And all three play nice in Sarah Polley’s seminal documentary, Stories We Tell:

About halfway through Sarah Polley’s 2013 documentary Stories We Tell, Michael Polley turns to his daughter and asked, “What is this documentary about?”
Well, it’s about stories and, as Melissa Tamminga adds, “Storytelling.”
In addition to writing film criticism for Seattle Screen Scene, Tamminga teaches English and film studies at Whatcom Community College. And Polley’s doc, Stories We Tell — airing Nov. 17 on TCM — is a favorite of hers to program, and not just because it’s a “personal story about a family that’s deeply engaging.”
“But [Stories We Tell] also comes in a really abstract level about what it means to tell a story in the first place,” Tamminga says. “Who should be telling a story? What are the ethics of documentary filmmaking?”

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