This week in Film — ANOTHER ROUND

As the end of the year approaches (ever so slowly), cinema’s award season begins to awake. Naturally, it looks a little different this year, but like any year, prestige studios hold their best offerings back for a December release, and 2020 is no different (in that respect). Another Round is Denmark’s official entry for the 93rd Academy Awards (currently scheduled for April 25, 2021), and it’s damn good flick:

Another Round is a really good movie with a questionable conclusion, but you should expect nothing less from the cofounder of the cinematic movement Dogme ’95. The other cofounder is Lars von Trier, a mischievous filmmaker with dubious assumptions if ever there was one.
Vinterberg is the more reserved of the two, even if his movies find chaotic waters and question stability at every turn. That’s a pretty good way to stir up debate. And you know what goes best with a good debate, don’t you? 

Boulder Weekly Vol. 28, No. 16, “Roll out the barrel