This week in Film — SUPERNOVA, Flatirons Food Film Festival, and the Sundance Film Festival

As far as cinema is concerned, 2021 opened not with a bang but with cautious optimism. For starters, moviegoing has returned with AMC, Cinemark and the Mayan Theatre in Denver leading the charge. So if you’re jonesing for that big-screen experience and are willing to comply with the usual COVID-related procedures, then have at. You can even start with Supernova, the new end-of-marriage story starring Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci as husbands dreading the dark tunnel of dementia.

Sound too dismal to venture out into the world? No worries, Supernova will be available via Premium Video on Demand starting Feb. 16. And On Demand and virtual screenings will continue to be the norm for some time to come.

Boulder Weekly Vol. 28, No. 24, “The cinematic sampler

Especially this weekend where you’ll be able to catch the Flatirons Food Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival virtually. 2021 at the movies has officially begun.