This week in Film — Oscar-nominated Short Subjects

The Oscar-nominated short subjects: They’re a highlight of every Academy Award ceremony: A snapshot of what is possible with less and what the future of the form might hold. Three categories—Animation, Documentary, Live Action—with five nominations apiece:

Of the three categories, Live Action stands tallest. All five shorts are solid, from Feeling Through’s gentle portrait of humanity to the professionally acted The Letter Room, while the remaining three, The PresentTwo Distant Strangers and White Eye, explore divisions of class, nationality and race with cinematic flair. Especially Two Distant Strangers, which takes the all-too-familiar interaction and outcome of white cop/black civilian and gives it a Groundhog Day twist. It’s a clever distillation of 2020 that is at once funny and frustrating.

Boulder Weekly, Vol. 28, No. 33, “And the nominees are…

Watch them all, and a few bonus animated shorts, at CU-Boulder’s International Film Series’ virtual theater (links to each program above).

The Oscars broadcast live from Los Angeles on Sunday, April 25. And if you live in the Boulder area—

the Dairy Arts Center will host its annual Oscar watch party. Tickets are $25 and include food and a glass of bubbly. There’ll be a contest to predict the winners and trivia breaks hosted by master of ceremonies Stephanie Rudy. And for those of you who don’t yet feel comfortable congregating, the Dairy will livestream the festivities — info at