Alejandro Jodorowsky practically invented midnight cinema. His break-through hit, El Topo (1970) was about a nameless gunslinger in a mythical Western setting. It was so weird, so bizarre, that studios didn’t know what to do with it. New York exhibitor and owner of The Elgin Cinema, Ben Barenholtz purchased the rights and ran El Topo every night in the midnight slot. Once word got out, the audience came en masse and Beatles manager Allen Klein purchased the United States distribution rights, Jodorowsky was in business. Following El Topo with The Holy Mountain (1973), Tusk (1980) and Santa Sangre (1989), Jodorowsky … Continue reading THE DANCE OF REALITY

Movie Beat – 05.23.14

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn – Henry Altmann (Robin Williams) is the angriest man in all of Brooklyn, which is saying something. He better make a change, or all that anger is going to be the death of him. Eventually at least, not today, which is actually what he thinks because a doctor (Mila Kunis) was pissed at him and told him he only has 90 minutes to live. Now he is running around town trying to patch everything up, and no one really cares. That just makes him angrier. Things don’t look good for Henry. Melissa Leo, Peter Dinklage, … Continue reading Movie Beat – 05.23.14

Movie Beat – 03.21.14

A Birder’s Guide to Everything – To be a birder, all you need is a good eye, an excited mind and a motley crew of companions to keep things interesting when the birds decided to stay on the mysterious side. Not the typical hobby of a fifteen-year-old, but David Portnoy (Kodi Smit-McPhee) is far from typical. That’s how he stumbled upon a very rare, thought to be extinct duck. He will need a clear photo, and that will require the help of his friends, a girl he just met and a mentor. This duck might just help David come-of-age. Co-starring … Continue reading Movie Beat – 03.21.14

Born On This Day – February 7, 1929

“Most directors make films with their eyes; I make films with my testicles.” “I never suspected that El Topo would be seen. All Mexico was against it, they wanted to kill me—they thought I was making a black mass! I was like an alien to them. I had to play the cowboy figure in El Topo because nobody else wanted to. They were scared to act in something so weird. George Harrison wanted to play the thief in Holy Mountain. I met him in the Plaza Hotel in New York and he told me there’s one scene he didn’t want … Continue reading Born On This Day – February 7, 1929