Since their inception movies have always represented a way to escape reality. Be it the drudgery of the everyday or the horrors of wartime, flickering images in the dark have always imagined a better place, somewhere out there, over the rainbow and straight on ‘til morning. The divisive documentary from Crystal Moselle, The Wolfpack, opening this Friday at the Landmark Chez Artiste, explores this phenomenon in a very literal sense. The six Angulo Brothers have been imprisoned in their New York apartment since birth and rarely allowed to leave thanks to their paranoid and totalitarian father. With little else to … Continue reading THE WOLFPACK


Dr. Ian Grey (Michael Pitt) is a cute scientist with tousled hair, tortoise print glasses and a wardrobe he must have picked up from Scientists-R-Us. He is man obsessed with studying patterns in eyes, looking for some proof that evolution is the only answer and that God doesn’t exist. I don’t know why so many movie scientists have personal vendettas against God (if they are atheists, why do they fight against something they don’t believe in?), but that is neither here nor there. Dr. Grey is trying to discover a commonality in eye patterns, something that shows that eyes evolved … Continue reading I ORIGINS