Movie Beat – 01.10.14

The Banshee Chapter – James (Michael McMillian) is really into mind-altering drugs. He manages to get his hands on some military grade DMT and decides to take it in the name of science. When things go horribly wrong, his friend and journalist, Anne (Katia Winter) tries to track James down, figure out what went wrong, and why the CIA abandoned past DMT studies. Just a guess, but I don’t think things turn out particularly well. Co-starring Ted Levine, Jenny Gabrielle, Monique Candelaria, and David Midthunder. Written by Blair Erickson and Daniel J. Healy with Erickson directing. Out in limited release … Continue reading Movie Beat – 01.10.14


Bless Me, Ultima - Poster

Based on the novel by Rudolfo Ayana, Bless Me, Ultima, is set in the Post WWII world of New Mexico. Director Carl Franklin films this world with a steady hand, moving along gracefully, not rushing anywhere or hurrying toward any particular conclusion. Typically, a movie will set up a protagonist, a goal, and a way to get there. Once it gets there, the movie fades to black and that is that. Bless Me, Ultima is not one of those movies and embraces the novel’s meandering qualities. At times it matters little where it is going. It’s more concerned with noticing what happens along the way.

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