It is safe to say that any director worth their weight will eventually be compared to the cinematic yardstick that is Alfred Hitchcock. While all who make movies owe something to the Master of Suspense, the actual inheritor to his throne has yet to be decided. But if anyone deserves it, it is the French master of sex and psychology, François Ozon. For the past twenty years, Ozon has explored the tropes that Hitchcock made famous and would have had a field day with had the Production Code not encumber him, and Ozon’s latest, The New Girlfriend (Une nouvelle amie), … Continue reading THE NEW GIRLFRIEND

Movie Beat – 08.23.13

Devil’s Pass – Fifty years ago, nine people froze to death while hiking in the Ural Mountains. Now, a group of idiotic twenty-somethings is going to recreate that hike just to prove that man can conquer the elements. Or because they have nothing better to do. At first things go well, it always does, then something happens, and things don’t go so well. They always do. Someone tries to kill them, first by avalanche, then by gun, but once they find a long abandoned bunker with some sort of zombie-demon inhabitants, they are doomed for sure. Happens to me all … Continue reading Movie Beat – 08.23.13