Existing somewhere between the recent spat of faith-based cinema and an elongated episode of Gilmore Girls, Big Stone Gap travels back in time to a simpler era where everyone knew everyone else, the people were kinder and the world moved at a slower pace. Set in the coal-mining town of Big Stone Gap, Virg. circa 1977, Ave (Ashley Judd) is the middle-aged town spinster that the town is overly concerned with seeing her settling down. But Ave is not the quiet, reserved librarian with too many cats, but a self-professed loner who isn’t interested in marriage, sharing her life with … Continue reading BIG STONE GAP

Movie Beat – 03.22.13

Admission – Mid-level movies can be the worst. We want them to be just a little bit more so we can love them, or if only they were a little worse, then we could write them off. Admission is a mid-level movie about single parents, broken people trying to piece things back together, and life lessons. I have no problem with life lessons, but this one looks spoon-fed. The lesson here: There is more than one-way to raise a child. Tina Fey plays an admissions counselor from Princeton University and Paul Rudd is a folksy single parent who finds the kid that … Continue reading Movie Beat – 03.22.13