This is a true story. This is based on a true story. This story was inspired by true events. This story is nothing of the sort. Moviegoers have long struggled with “truth” in movies. This struggle ranges anywhere between how historical figures are depicted and how history is portrayed to how well an actor can deliver an accent and how they hold a hammer. Even though movies try to depict reality and accuracy as best as their creators can, movies are dreams, fever dreams in most cases. Yet, they depict real sights and real sounds, charging viewers with a constant … Continue reading KUMIKO, THE TREASURE HUNTER

Starz Denver Film Festival: Day 10 – 12

From jean to shining jean Proper cinema doesn’t highlight the differences that separate us, but the things that connect us. Blue Gold is one of those documentaries it works hard to show us how tradition and culture can spread across the globe, all in a harmless, but somehow revolutionary pair of pants. Jeans were first known as Miner Pants, but then WWII came and the jeans went overseas. At first, the jeans were identified with cowboys, but thanks to Marlon Brando and James Dean, they became the symbols of counter-culture. Symbols that The Ramones and The Sex Pistols co-opted. Soon, these jeans were taken and marketed … Continue reading Starz Denver Film Festival: Day 10 – 12