Why are there so many stories about teenage sexual awakening? Is it because the events, emotions and desire connected to that fragile moment are so vivid that it lodges deep into our mind, staying with us for as long as we live? I would assume that writer/director Gregg Araki agrees with that assessment, as he has made a career out of exploring those very moments. The bi-sexual, California-based filmmaker has been one of the standouts of the New Queer Cinema (e.g. Nowhere, Mysterious Skin, Kaboom). Araki’s eleventh feature, White Bird in a Blizzard, Araki focuses on a female protagonist going … Continue reading WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD


Joel is your typical thirty-something guy: good-looking, well-paying corporate job, nice apartment, vaguely Jewish… but lacking in the inspiration and motivation department. He’s the perfect fixer-upper. Molly is a klutzy girl with a heart of gold. She lives in a colorful apartment, runs a non-for-profit candy store and has a black friend. She’s perpetually single, but she isn’t giving up on finding true love. Then one Halloween party, Joel and Molly met, and boy-oh-boy did they hate each other at first, but then they realized they both had an affinity for fiction books and they fell madly in love. Oh … Continue reading THEY CAME TOGETHER

Movie Beat – 04.12.13

42 – Jackie Robinson was the first to cross the color barrier in baseball and boy did he take an awful lot of hell for it. The other man who laid it all on the line to make this statement was the manager that signed him, Branch Rickey. The Brooklyn Dodgers started Robinson at first base in 1947 and quickly became the center of attention. Chadwick Boseman plays Robinson and Harrison Ford gives an actual performance as Rickey. Co-starring Christopher Meloni, Jon Bernthal, and Nicole Behaire. Brian Helgeland writes and directs this biopic just in time to get everyone excited about … Continue reading Movie Beat – 04.12.13