On September 8, 2018, Sir Elton Hercules John — born Reginald Kenneth Dwight — began the first leg of the five-leg farewell concert tour, his last lap around the world as a touring musician before retiring in 2021. John plans to play over 300 concerts for his Farwell Yellow Brick Road tour, and if ever there were a movie made to promote a tour, Rocketman would be it. Directed by Dexter Fletcher — who stepped in and finished Bohemian Rhapsody after Bryan Singer was fired — Rocketman is half musical fantasia, half standard-issue biopic, all Elton John propaganda. Spanning John’s … Continue reading ROCKETMAN


Based on the true story of an unlikely Olympian, Eddie the Eagle is a paint-by-numbers crowd-pleaser about the British ski jumper, Michael Edwards — better known as Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards. It aims to please and nothing more, much like Edward’s dream to participate in the Olympics, but not compete. Edwards has no interest in a medal, or doing anything beyond simply being an Olympian. His dream was to pass the trials, don the jacket and have his picture taken. This dream, or blind obsession, began at an early age when Edwards manages to holds his breath under water for … Continue reading EDDIE THE EAGLE