Some movies need time and distance to establish themselves and prove their greatness. Timbuktu only needs seventeen minutes to establish itself as a masterwork. The scene in which this happens is a simple one, it is set in a sand dune and contains four characters, spare dialogue and little action. Satima (Toulou Kiki) and her daughter, Toya (Layla Walet) are washing their hair when a jihadist and his translator approach. These dunes are home to Satima, Toya and Kidane (Ibrahim Ahmed), their husband and father, who is off with his cattle herd, something the jihadist is well aware of as … Continue reading TIMBUKTU

Movie Beat – 09.20.13

After Tiller – Since the Supreme Court legalized abortions in 1973, eight abortion clinic workers have been murdered. Dr. George Tiller of Wichita, KS was the most recent, and one of the most controversial considering that he openly practiced third-trimester abortions. This is a heavily debated political issue, but this documentary is not interested in weighing this side versus that side, it wants to answer basic questions: Why does the mother decide that they cannot go through with the birth this late in the game? Why do these clinic workers, who are constantly in danger, continue to do the work … Continue reading Movie Beat – 09.20.13