Conversations from the Telluride Film Festival: FIRST REFORMED

This conversation between Eric Kohn of Indiewire, writer/director Paul Schrader, and actor Ethan Hawke took place following a screening of FIRST REFORMED at 2017’s Telluride Film Festival. Spoilers follow. ERIC KOHN: Paul, first of all, anyone who’s seen your films knows that a lot of what’s going on here is very personal to you. Just how personal is this setting and the things that we see you working through here? PAUL SCHRADER: Not that personal. I didn’t have to do much research to do. But you try to find a metaphor, whether that be a cab driver or a drug dealer or a small … Continue reading Conversations from the Telluride Film Festival: FIRST REFORMED

Weekly Round Up (8.31.17 – 9.7.17)

Every Labor Day weekend, the small mountain town of Telluride, Colorado becomes the center of the moviegoing universe, and for four days, I sit in darkened theaters, subsisting on Steamie’s burgers and Russell Kelly Pale Ale. With the exception of one dud (Downsizing, and I do mean dud) this year’s festival offered movies that ranged from good to masterpiece. In this week’s Boulder Weekly,  I sing the praises of Wormwood, First Reformed, Faces Places, and Lady Bird: Best in show. As my Boulder Country tour de brew wraps up, my associate and I pay a visit to Broomfield’s C.B. & Potts: Fresh Beer at Flatiron Crossing. For Out of sight, … Continue reading Weekly Round Up (8.31.17 – 9.7.17)