Born On This Day – December 8

“The camera I was using in the beginning, a rudimentary affair in which the film would tear or would often refuse to move, produced an unexpected effect one day when I was photographing very prosaically the Place de l’Opera. It took a minute to release the film and get the camera going again. During this minute the people, buses vehicles had of course moved. Projecting the film, having joined the break, I suddenly saw a Madeleine-Bastille omnibus change into a hearse and men into women. The trick of substitution, called the trick of stop-action was discovered…” –Georges Méliès Continue reading Born On This Day – December 8

In Their Words – Saturday, December 8, 2012

“In conjuring you work under the attentive gaze of the public, who never fail to spot a suspicious movement. You are alone, their eyes never leave you. Failure would not be tolerated… While in cinema… you can do your confecting quietly, far from those profane gazes, and you can do things thirty-six times necessary until they are right. This allows you to travel further in the domain of the marvelous.” -Georges Méliès Continue reading In Their Words – Saturday, December 8, 2012