In Another Country - PosterIn Another Country is a product of South Korean writer/director Hong Sang-Soo, and this is his thirteenth feature release. He is not a household name among cineaste, but he soon will be. I believe that the auteur theory was created for people like Sang-Soo, as each one of his films has an unmistakable quality to them. Not just the stories and themes he uses, or how he frames and directs actors, but his use of atmosphere and how it affects me. Sang-Soo’s movies have a very muggy sense to them, as if the characters can’t quite take a deep breath without it catching. In Another Country is the muggiest of them all. Characters are constantly discussing rain and trading umbrellas back and forth. We never actually see the rain, the way we would in Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai (1954), but we feel it all the same. It acts like a  kind of ennui constantly surrounding the characters. They feel it, we know it’s there, and we feel it too.

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Movie Beat – 01.11.13

The biggest movie news of the week are the Oscar nominations, but just because there are a bunch of movies from last year that you need to catch up on, doesn’t mean that there is some fresh fun out there today. Take a look and judge for yourself. $ellebrity – Kevin Mazur, who has made his living as a rock n’ roll photographer, puts together a collection of interviews, clips, and Cinema Verité style footage into a documentary about fame, celebrity, and most importantly, the voracity at which the public consumes it. This isn’t a documentary that provides an answer to the problem, because … Continue reading Movie Beat – 01.11.13