Every great movie holds two similar distinctions: they appear fresh and modern, no matter when they were made, and they are almost always ahead of their time. Of all of these movies, Jean Renoir’s seminal The Rules of the Game (Le règle du jeu), playing Wednesday, May 6 at the Landmark Chez Artiste, might be the most notorious of the bunch. When it opened in 1939, Rules of the Game caused such a commotion that audience members started fighting one another in the theater while one patron lit his newspaper on fire and tried to burn the place down. The … Continue reading THE RULES OF THE GAME

Born On This Day – September 15, 1894

“The real source of happiness, not just in the cinema but in any kind of human endeavor, is the fact of creating. Once a thing is done, well, it’s done. Of course it’s very nice to be applauded by audiences and very unpleasant to be booed: I’ll admit that’s important, but not that important. The real thing, the real intoxication if I may call it that, is in the act of creation: that’s what matters, whether one is creating an apple pie, a film, a child or a painting.” –Jean Renoir Continue reading Born On This Day – September 15, 1894