There truly wasn’t anyone like Evel Knievel. His motorcycle was his weapon, but what did he combat? Gravity, I suppose. For what purpose? Political? Maybe. Celebrity, fame and fortune? Probably. Destrudo? Definitely. Even the name was a creation, a gift from a punny policeman that Knievel modified, turning “evil” into “Evel” so that he sounded dangerous, but not devilish. He made himself into an American icon, donning red, white and blue, and as the song goes, “stars and stripes too”. I don’t know if anyone ever asked for an Evel Knievel, or need one, but that is beyond the point. … Continue reading BEING EVEL

Movie Beat – 10.25.13

Blood Brother – Documentary about Rocky Braat, a young and successful American searching for meaning and purpose in his life. He finds it in India, with a bunch of HIV infected kids who are doing their best not just to survive, but to enjoy life on the way out. Braat comes face to face with the beauty and horror that exists simultaneously, and tells his story, hoping to inspire others. Directed by Steve Hoover and out in very limited release. Check here for when it will be playing in a theater near you.   Blue Is The Warmest Color – … Continue reading Movie Beat – 10.25.13