“We’re the Sisters Brothers, and we’re good at what we do,” proclaims Charlie Sisters with a toothy grin. What’s he good at? Killing people and claiming bounties. Charlie is played by Joaquin Phoenix, an actor who is successfully following in the footsteps of Orson Welles and Marlon Brando: embrace the pounds and mumble the lines — it sounds better that way. John C. Reilly plays brother Eli, a man who pines for a schoolteacher back home and dreams of getting out. Charlie wants no part of the straight life and, honestly, neither does Eli; he’s the responsible one and feels … Continue reading THE SISTERS BROTHERS

Movie Beat – 04.18.14

13 Sins – Do we make the choices that we make because we were born that way, or because a series of events brought us to this point? Well, when you have someone down on their luck and up to their eyeballs in debt, you can pretty much count on them acting in desperation. That is what Elliot (Mark Webber) is going to prove. He is a down-and-out salesman when a mysterious phone call comes and offers him a way out. He takes it. Even if that means doing some pretty horrific stuff to everyone else. Ron Pearlman is the … Continue reading Movie Beat – 04.18.14


Wreck-it Ralph is Disney’s latest animation, and much like last month’s Frankenweenie, it is aimed primarily at children, but brings enough to the table for the adults to chew on. There are two protagonists in the movie: Vanellope von Schweetz, a little girl who no one will play with and the titular character, Wreck-it Ralph, who is having a mid-life crisis. Vanellope just wants to be included and have fun with everyone else, Ralph has grown tired of who he is and his role in society. Normal, everyday problems that normal, everyday people have, except that Vanellope and Ralph aren’t normal everyday … Continue reading WRECK-IT RALPH

Movie Beat – 11.02.12

Another week, another batch of new releases for you to dig into. Quite a selection to choose from, and for the first time in a while, there are multiple good options. Let’s dive on in! The Bay – Remember a few years ago when a mass of dead fish washed ashore? Or when a thousand blackbirds suddenly dropped out of the sky? What happened there? Hard to say, but plenty of people had theories, most of them conspiracy theories, and it looks like those people got together and made a movie. It’s another found footage film, which most of us … Continue reading Movie Beat – 11.02.12