Plimpton - Poster

Plimpton! Starring George Plimpton as Himself, from first timers Tom Bean and Luke Poling, is an engaging and succinct document of a man’s life. Running just under 90 minutes, Plimpton! manages to inform who George Plimpton was, where he came from, what he did, and the legacy and impact he has left behind. Most born at the end of the 20th Century probably have no idea who George Plimpton was, and this will introduce them to a very unique voice. For those that knew about Plimpton and read his books, this will provide more. There are moments that some will be familiar with, and some that no one has seen or heard before, including audio of the deposition that Plimpton gave LAPD the night his friend and candidate Robert Kennedy was shot. The documentary is compiled from a collection of archive materials, audio recordings, footage from TV specials, and talking head interviews. It is well constructed and follows Plimpton’s life in a linear fashion. From childhood, to editor of The Paris Review, to his work as a participatory journalist, his personal life, and finally back to his most famous work, Paper Lion.


Movie Beat – 11.23.12

A short work week means a long weekend for movie watching. Six new films out this holiday weekend in addition to Silver Linings Playbook expanding it’s release. You got some extra time, so you might as well dig into a couple of movies. Here are your choices: The Central Park Five – On the morning of April 20, 1989, a young white woman, Trishia Meili, was found in Central Park. She had been brutally assaulted and raped the night before. Five teenage boys were brought forward and convicted of the assault. Four of them were black and one was Latino. Coherence into … Continue reading Movie Beat – 11.23.12