Like it or not, the Oscars are big business and the nominations and ceremony is important to the industry. Yes, the selections can sometimes seem arbitrary, rote or political, but what it means to many films and filmmakers can be the difference between being financially solvent and getting lost in the shuffle of good intentions but not good enough entertainment. “Movies” are supposed to make us feel good and keep us entertained; “Nominations” are serious and should educate, enlighten and ennoble. One of the nominated is the incredible and crushing Still Alice, which award or not, deserves attention and eyeballs. … Continue reading STILL ALICE

Movie Beat – 12.21.12

Barbara – Germany’s official submission for the Foreign Language Academy Award, written and directed by Christian Petzold and starring his muse, Nina Hoss as Barbara. Set in Cold War Germany, Nina is banished to a rural East Germany hospital when she applies for an exit visa. While her lover is working on a way to get her to West Germany, Barbara lies low and tries not to entangle with anyone. Andre (Ronald Zehrfeld), the head physician of the hospital, takes a liking to her, and she to him, but she can’t be certain if he is a spy or not. … Continue reading Movie Beat – 12.21.12

Movie Beat – 11.16.12

Lincoln goes wide, Twilight finally comes to a close, and we’ve got ten new releases this weekend. Look out, here we go! 16 Acres – No trailer for this one, and only seeing a very limited release in one cinema this week in New York City, but still worth your attention once it comes to your city or to Netflix. It’s been over ten years since the attack on The World Trade Center, and the rebuilding of those 16 acres at Ground Zero have proven to be extremely complicated as political, financial, and emotional interests converge. The New York Time best summed … Continue reading Movie Beat – 11.16.12