“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we are free to do anything.” —Tyler Durden, Fight Club That anything can be devastating. Stripped of social responsibilities and courtesies, even the best will behave like a dog backed into a corner. It’s the stuff of high drama, and it courses through the veins of the writer/director Ramin Bahrani. For Bahrani, the key is to explore the personal without losing sight of the political, and when it came to America’s housing crisis, the two intersected with a potent poignancy. Set in Orange County, Fla. in 2010, 99 Homes shows both sides of … Continue reading 99 HOMES

Movie Beat – 06.06.14

Borgman – It starts with a bang: Borgman (Jan Bijvoet) is on the run because a group of heavily armed priests are hunting him down. They locate his lair, force him out and he escapes just barely. He then comes to a suburban family’s house and asks them for a bath. They turn him away. He returns as a gardener and they accept him into their home and lives. Big mistake. Taking place in modern-day Netherland, this morality tale is played out with some very high stakes. Co-starring Hadewych Minis, Jeroen Perceval, Sara Hjort Ditlevsen, Eva van de Wijdeven and … Continue reading Movie Beat – 06.06.14