A girl wakes up in an apartment littered with sticky notes. On each note, a direction: Water the Plants, Open the Window, Feed the Hamster, etc. A guy wakes up handcuffed in an apartment with two strange women. Their paths intersect on a plane from New York to Paris. Circumstance seats them next to each other, plot contrivances give them a past. Fasten your seat-belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.  Love is in the Air (Amour et Turbulences) is a French romantic comedy and like most French romantic comedies, revolves primarily around sex. Watch enough of these, and you’ll … Continue reading AMOUR & TURBULENCES

Movie Beat – 01.31.14

12 O’clock Boys – They call them 12 O’clock boys because they ride their bikes straight up in the air. They are a gang of kids, running wild on the streets of Baltimore, where the police are hamstrung by a policy that won’t allow them to pursue a risky chase. Pug is a young boy enchanted with the 12 O’clock Boys and wants to ride with them, even if his mother, Coco, wants him to be a veterinarian. The Westside of Baltimore is a gritty and dangerous place, and director Lotfy Nathan brings a camera to an unsung way of … Continue reading Movie Beat – 01.31.14