It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: Their child has gone missing. Father Julien Perrin (Guillaume Canet) races home to his estranged ex-wife (Mélanie Laurent) and her new beau (Olivier de Benoist). There, the police greet him, show him the camp from where his son was kidnapped, and shrug their shoulders. There are no leads to follow, no suspects to question. Perrin suspects everyone. He has put career before family, and it put an irreparable strain and his marriage and his wife’s well being. It’s eaten away at him too, and you can see it in his face — a knot of … Continue reading MY SON (MON GARCÇON)

Movie Beat – 03.14.14

The Anonymous People – It would be safe to say that everyone knows someone who either is or has been an addict. Two out of every three families deal with someone who has a destructive and crippling addiction, and as a nation we turn a blind eye to it. Far too often we assume that the addict could simply decide to take control and wake-up, or that they are make a conscious decision to continue the addiction. It’s a shameful cross these Anonymous People carry, but they are doing what they can to get the message out and spread the … Continue reading Movie Beat – 03.14.14

Movie Beat – 05.31.13

After Earth – One thousand years ago, mankind was driven from Earth and forced to relocate. Without man ruling the planet, animals have evolved into something much more dangerous and deadly. Not the greatest of places to crash-land a spaceship. The only two survivors are the father and son duo of Kitai (Jaden Smith) and Cypher (Will Smith). They must do everything they can to try to brave the new world, but they are going to have to do it while an alien that they were transporting on the ship hunts them down. Written by M. Night Shymalan (who also … Continue reading Movie Beat – 05.31.13