Roughly two-thirds into Mistress America a series of characters criticize another’s short story. Mainly for being shallow plagiarism, but of all the harsh criticism hurled at the author, the line, “Just like the rest of your generation; everything a pastiche” lands closest to home. Not because the author in question takes it bitterly, but because it is the criticism that the author of Mistress America seems to hurtle at himself. Mistress America — director Noah Baumbach’s tenth feature film and second collaboration with co-writer and star, Greta Gerwig — revolves around two young women, Tracy (Lola Kirke) and Brooke (Gerwig), whose … Continue reading MISTRESS AMERICA


If there is a type of indie film that has become incredibly tired and in need of a makeover, it is the adult beginner movie, e.g. the pre-mid-life crisis where someone learns to stop focusing on career and cherish the family at hand. Thankfully, People Places Things takes that very type, removes the polish, rubs it in the dirt and injects some much-needed life. Will Henry (Jemaine Clement) is a comic book artists and teacher in the vein of Scott McCloud, serious but with a casual attitude. He is happily married — or so he thinks — with twin daughters. … Continue reading PEOPLE PLACES THINGS