Ingmar Bergman said it best: “To shoot a film is to organize an entire universe.” And French writer/director Michel Gondry has been heeding this advice since the 90s. With his start in music videos — Foo Fighters, “Everlong;” Björk, “Bachelorette;” Kylie Minogue, “Come Into My World” — Gondry has specialized in handmade worlds that are left of center and slightly magical. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Mood Indigo explored dark and depressing subject matter through these worlds, but they are products of an adult dealing with adult conflicts. What about the world of a teenager? Their world is … Continue reading MICROBE & GASOLINE

Movie Beat – 07.18.14

Aftermath – The much feared and talked about Nuclear Holocaust has finally come and claimed the lives of all but nine survivors who hole up in a farmhouse basement. The world may be over for most, but for these nine, the worst is far from over. Edward Furlong, Monica Keena, Andre Royo, Jessie Rusu, C.J. Thomason and Christine Kelly star in a script by Christian McDonald and directed by Peter Engert. In limited release from RLJ/Image Entertainment.   Alive Inside – Michael Rossato-Bennett has been following Dan Cohen, a social worker and the founder of Music & Memory, as he … Continue reading Movie Beat – 07.18.14

Born On This Day – May 8, 1963

On seeing Le voyage en Ballon “It’s the first film I remember. It’s the film I like to re-watch the best. When you’re young, you’re very receptive to all the stuff you see, the emotions. And then you try all the time to match up with those sensations. So in this sense it may have changed my life because I’m always trying to re-create this feeling of watching this movie.” –Michel Gondry Continue reading Born On This Day – May 8, 1963

Movie Beat – 11.22.13

Bettie Page Reveals All – She was the original pin-up girl. That magnificent cocktail of beauty, innocence, naughty and nice. What was so compelling about a picture of Betty Page was her joyous approach to sexuality. Anyone looking at her picture would immediately let their mind wander to possibilities and what a good time it would be. Of course, the notorious Mrs. Page came along in a very reserved and conservative time, and she disappeared from view, but her image and legacy lived on. Writer/producer/director Mark Mori found Mrs. Page and got her to narrate her life story, and here … Continue reading Movie Beat – 11.22.13