Movie Beat – 04.11.14

Cuban Fury – Once a rising star in the world-renowned and lucrative profession of salsa dancer, Bruce (Nick Frost) tossed in the towel and opted for a lifetime of take-out, pastries and self-pity. That was, until the beautiful Julia (Rashida Jones) walked into his life and lit a fire in his loins that would return Bruce to form. Of course, he has a whole lot of obstacles to hurdle, none of which is more damaging than his own lack of confidence. Co-starring Chris O’Dowd, Olivia Colman, Alexandra Roach and the always-incredible Ian McShane. Directed by James Griffiths and in limited … Continue reading Movie Beat – 04.11.14


Stoker - Poster

Stoker is a coming of age tale of a young girl’s sexuality wrapped up in a horror movie. Actually, it’s really a young girl’s coming of age story wrapped up in a pastiche of Hitchcock films. Directed by Korean auteur, Park Chan-Wook, Stoker is his first foray into the English language market and utilizes an international cast (Wasikowska, Goodman, and Weaver are all Australian, Goode is British) to fill out a story set in Nashville, TN. None of the characters act like nor talk like they are from Tennessee, but such is the magic of movies. In addition to accents, the movie is also devoid of pesky neighbors, intelligent law-enforcement, or concerned school counselors. This isn’t a realistic movie by a long shot, this is an exercise in insular drama. A collection of bad people who might have been bad from day one, or who might have learned to like it along the way.

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Movie Beat – 03.01.12

21 And Over – Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) is a straight-A student who is trying to get into medical school. In fact, he has an interview for said school tomorrow morning, but tonight, tonight he is twenty-one. It would be a real shame to let such a historic moment go by, and one beer won’t hurt, right? One wouldn’t have, but Casey (Skylar Astin) and Miller (Miles Teller) show up and put that idea to bed. Jeff Chang has one hell of a night: drinking, stripping, mayhem, and chicks. Written and directed by the duo that brought you The Hangover (Jon Lucas … Continue reading Movie Beat – 03.01.12

Movie Beat – 10.05.12

Butter – It was Julia Child’s favorite ingredient, it is the best thing to use when sauteing, and everyone is terrified of what it does to our arteries: butter. Here I was spreading it on my toast all this time! I had no idea that butter sculptures were a thing, but that is why we go to the movies, to learn something new. Butter is about a local butter sculpting contest, dominated by the local housewives, and a youngster who discovers her hidden talent. How wonderful it is to realize one’s true potential. Stars Jennifer Gardner, Ty Burrell, Oliva Wilde, … Continue reading Movie Beat – 10.05.12