Sunday Streams — MAMMA ROMA

It’s funny how some movies make their way to the screen. Or don’t, as the case may be. Take Pasolini, the 84-minute biopic about notorious Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini; directed by an equally notorious filmmaker, Abel Ferrara and starring Willem Dafoe as the titular filmmaker, Pasolini debuted at the Venice International Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival in 2014. Then it disappeared, for nearly five years, before being dumped in theaters at the beginning of June 2019. But Pasolini is no hidden gem. The movie is sluggish and slow, provides little insight into the man and his works, and lacks … Continue reading Sunday Streams — MAMMA ROMA

This week in Film — ZEN FOR NOTHING

Looking for an alternative to the mass destruction of the Hollywood summer blockbuster? Zen For Nothing is a small documentary; an immersion into stillness, quiet, and meditation. For those living in the Denver/Boulder area, it will be screening at the Dairy Art Center’s Boedecker Theatre June 12–15. Over at KGNU, I discuss Zen for Nothing, as well as the disappointing Dark Phoenix, the mellow The Dead Don’t Die, a couple to see for Pride Month, and the kick-off movie for this season’s Chautauqua Silent Summer Series, Hot Water, with Veronica Straight-Lingo on this week’s episode of After Image. Continue reading This week in Film — ZEN FOR NOTHING


There are few filmmakers in the annals of cinema as notorious as Pier Paolo Pasolini. From his first film, Accatone — documenting a messianic pimp — to his last, Saló, or the 120 Days of Sodom: an infamous and notorious work that is either 145 minutes of filth so depraved it cost the filmmaker his life or a grand subversive masterpiece. Pasolini, the latest release from provocateur Abel Ferrara, opens with the Italian director, played magnificently by Willem Dafoe, putting the finishing touches on his final film. Pasolini is 53, gay, a pluralist in the highest regard, and lives with … Continue reading PASOLINI