A while back my good friend Pablo Kjølseth — the master behind CU-Boulder’s International Film Series — asked me to guest write a post for TCM’s Movie Morlocks, now retitled Streamline in conjunction with FilmStruck. I chose to write about one of Robert Bresson’s best, Pickpocket. An excerpt: Above all things, cinema is a style. Movies are a glorious and exciting exploration of the human condition, but without style, the images simply hang to the screen, failing to be anything more than a light flickering on a blank canvas. That’s why those who crack the code are so lauded, and few have … Continue reading PICKPOCKET

Born On This Day – September 25, 1901

All quotes are taken from Notes on the Cinematographer by Robert Bresson, Green Integer, København: 1997   “Build your film on white, on silence and on stillness.” “The CINEMA did not start from zero. Everything to be called into question.” “The truth is inimitable, the false untransformable.” “Hide the ideas, but so that people find them. The most important will be the most hidden.” “A too-expected image (cliché) will never seem right, even if it is.” “In a mixture of true and false, the true brings out the false, the false hinders belief in the true. An actor simulating fear … Continue reading Born On This Day – September 25, 1901