This week in Film — NUREYEV

Many consider Rudolf Nureyev to be the greatest dancer of the 20th century, a challenge filmmakers David and Jacqui Morris gleeful take on in their excellent documentary, Nureyev. And if the written word wasn’t enough, then here I am talking with Metro Arts producer Veronica Straight-Lingo about my love for Nureyev, my distaste for Rocketman, her infatuation with Biggest Little Farm, and a few more to check out this week in Front Range theaters. Continue reading This week in Film — NUREYEV


On September 8, 2018, Sir Elton Hercules John — born Reginald Kenneth Dwight — began the first leg of the five-leg farewell concert tour, his last lap around the world as a touring musician before retiring in 2021. John plans to play over 300 concerts for his Farwell Yellow Brick Road tour, and if ever there were a movie made to promote a tour, Rocketman would be it. Directed by Dexter Fletcher — who stepped in and finished Bohemian Rhapsody after Bryan Singer was fired — Rocketman is half musical fantasia, half standard-issue biopic, all Elton John propaganda. Spanning John’s … Continue reading ROCKETMAN