Movie Beat – 04.25.14

Blue Ruin – Dwight (Macon Blair) appears to be just another drifter who has shown up unwelcome in a random town, but that is not the case at all. He is back to settle a score, but it will cost him and put his family in danger. Dwight is not exactly assassin material, and things quickly spiral out of control. Bonnie Johnson, Eve Plumb, Amy Hargreaves, David W. Thompson and Devin Ratray co-star in this movie that was awarded the International Critics Pick at the Cannes Film Festival. Written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier and in limited release from RADiUS-TWC. … Continue reading Movie Beat – 04.25.14


The Lone Ranger - Poster

The Lone Ranger, the tale of how John Reid (Armie Hammer) became The Ranger, is told to a young kid (Mason Elston Cook) by an elderly Tonto (Johnny Depp). Tonto plays fast and loose with perspective, apparently having intimate knowledge of many scenes that he did not witness first hand, but let’s no get hung up on those details, this is a summer blockbuster, and those things don’t matter. After all, this is a Comanche character being played by a white actor in face paint. If you can accept that, then the rest of the movie shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

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