Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) just received a phone call that Dad is missing, presumed dead. No matter, Goodman and pops have been estranged for some time now — ever since Goodman lost his mother years ago — and with all the emotional attachment of a turnip, Goodman heads to the metropolis of Ryme City to clean out dear old Dad’s apartment. A utopia of sorts, Ryme City, is one of the few places in this world where humans and Pokémon’s live side-by-side in harmony. Or, more accurately, each human has a Pokémon sidekick; how they treat them varies from person … Continue reading POKÉMON DETECTIVE PIKACHU

Movie Beat – 07.19.13

The Act of Killing – Anwar Congo and his cronies helped the Indonesian army kill millions of communists, ethnic Chinese, and intellectuals when the military took over the government in 1965. Anwar himself murdered hundreds with his own hands. Now they are movie stars. Never punished for their actions because they ended up on the right side of history, they are now recreating the murders, the atrocities, their side of the story for cameras in hopes that the truth will out and people will see them for the saviors that they see themselves. Guaranteed to chill you to your core. … Continue reading Movie Beat – 07.19.13

Movie Beat – 03.22.13

Admission – Mid-level movies can be the worst. We want them to be just a little bit more so we can love them, or if only they were a little worse, then we could write them off. Admission is a mid-level movie about single parents, broken people trying to piece things back together, and life lessons. I have no problem with life lessons, but this one looks spoon-fed. The lesson here: There is more than one-way to raise a child. Tina Fey plays an admissions counselor from Princeton University and Paul Rudd is a folksy single parent who finds the kid that … Continue reading Movie Beat – 03.22.13