Salinger is the new documentary from Shane Salerno that attempts to recreate the life of novelist J.D. Salinger. That is a difficult proposal considering that Salinger wasn’t keen on others knowing his personal life, was famously reclusive, and left the public with only two novels, a dozen or so short stories, and a handful of pictures of himself. That’s it. Going into this documentary I thought, “It will be interesting to see what Salerno can accomplish with so little.” Turns out, it’s not very interesting at all. When I call Salinger a “documentary”, I mean to use the term lightly. … Continue reading SALINGER

Movie Beat – 09.06.13

Adore – Freud was sorta right. He thought that every son had a weird fixation with his mother. Turns out that every son has a weird fixation with his mother’s friend. Close, but no cigar. Yes, most teenage boys have fantasies about Mommy’s friends, and most get over it. Some act on it, fewer yet get away with it, but none of them some how find themselves with their Mom’s best friend while her son is banging around with his Mom. Two Moms go on holiday and end up swapping sons for sex. Apparently those who have everything will do … Continue reading Movie Beat – 09.06.13